Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

We are busy, busy living our lives, busy achieving our goals, busy being social. Basically, we are very busy people. As times are evolving, it is becoming more and more difficult to survive. The more modern the world becomes, the more primal our lives become, because it increasingly becomes about survival of the fittest.


And this animalistic survival causes us to take certain things for granted, unfortunately, because certain things, we feel, can wait.


Humans, I feel, have always been gamblers at a very basic level. We gamble with everything, including our lives. Driving terribly fast at times, crossing the road at the very last second instead of waiting for an extra minute and other such things. Things that can cost us much more that what we would have thought.


Therefore, what we take for granted can also qualify as a gamble, a big one. After all, we can never be a hundred percent sure if the things we think can wait would be waiting for us by the time we get time for them.


So don’t put off things for later, things that you might regret if that later never comes. Go meet your parents, give time to your children, spend time with your lover, visit a place that you intend to. Just make sure that that ‘later’ does not become another ‘later’, because even the second ‘later’ could bring you a lifetime of regret. Do what you have to do because it is true that while we are planning our lives, something called life happens and it is really not in our hands.


That is why I always make it a point to visit my village whenever I can, I’m from Uttarakhand, well, partially (it is my paternal village, my mother is a Bengali). I do that because I have no idea where my life will take me and I am someone who has tremendous experience in plans not working out.


Thus, I try not to put it off for later, because I’m scared of later. Later is not reliable. And each time I try and fully enjoy the place because I might get to visit it again, I might not.


So when I recently visited the place, I sported some blue on blue. I wore a deep blue shirt with high-waisted blue denims. And since it is slightly chilly in the evenings, I also wore a cover up.


No, it is not a jacket. It is a dress. Yes, a dress. A lot of us have dresses that open all the way from the front. While it is a style, it can also make a dress multipurpose. Especially dresses that are not too structured.


When it is not cold enough to take the proper jackets and trench coats out, this just might be the best solution when all we need is just another layer. Also, it takes up significantly lesser amount of space than jackets. Also, it looks great.


I finished the outfit with my brown fringed shoes because deep blue and earthy brown is one of my favourite color combinations.


So whatever you have put off for later, just do it and make the most of it while doing it because you never know when it is the last time that you will see something or someone.