Photographs by Kalyani Tule.

A new season can bring along lots of fresh things – a fresh mood, a fresh scenery, a fresh wardrobe and even a fresh attitude. It is a time to let go of the past (season) and experience a new beginning. It can even be used as an opportunity for new resolutions and short term goals.



A new season is like a fresh palette, a blank canvas ready to be painted. It is a time to look forward to the future and shape our whole season the way we want to. And that is exactly what I did because summer has arrived!



The first thing I decided to do was to let go of my hair. I got it shortened because it was time for a change..and I am really enjoying my new hair because it manages to manage itself! But summer did not bring just a haircut for me, it also brought a few short term goals.


I have always wanted to travel but have been waiting for something, I don’t know what that something is. Thus, I have decided that I don’t care what the place is, I will travel as much as I can afford to, because you never know what might take your heart away.


So, this post is from Mumbai, India. I have been here before and this city has a lot to offer, so I thought that this is a good way to begin painting my canvas. I am hoping to travel much more this summer but even if I can’t (though I really hope that I do), I will be happy that I managed to cover at least one city.




And because it is a new beginning, I decided to go for white. If the word ‘fresh’ ever wanted a color associated with it, I cannot think of any other but white. It is the perfect representation of a blank canvas, it happily goes along with anything that it is paired with.


Also, fringe is back and it is back with a bang! I love fringe and I think it deserves all the attention when worn. And this brings us to my outfit. I chose a white dress with self-detailing thread work because summer has just begun and everything feels new. I deliberately chose a loose shift-dress because of the heat.


The other reason for me to choose the color white was because of my suede fringed shoes. I felt that no other color can do justice to these the way white can. The fringe trend has a very summery feel to it, making it perfect for a day out.


Summer has arrived with a lot of promises, let us all paint our stories and work towards our goals. Whether we achieve them or not comes later, what comes first is trying.