Photographs by Vipul Sachdeva.

If you are aware of Chumbak (I’m sure you are), the first thing that would come to your mind when you hear the word is a splash of colors instead of a grey magnet. That is the power of this brand which was started just a few years back, in 2010.

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Today Chumbak stands proud, offering its ‘one-of-a-kind’ designs on an array of home and lifestyle items, including pillow covers, fridge magnets, stationery, mugs and what not!

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But when a brand does so well in such a short time then sky is the limit. Now, not only your home but even you can sport the amazing colors and prints that Chumbak has to offer thanks to Collection One, a collection with which they are entering the realm of apparels.

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Thus, when I got the opportunity to have a look at this new collection, I grabbed it with both hands. I decided to keep things simple by wearing a black jacket with loose black capri pants but I wanted to stay true to the Chumbak spirit so I decided to go for a multi-colored bralette.

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I added some more color with a green pompom clutch and completed the look with orange, yellow and black aztec print strap sandals.

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While reviewing the collection, I spotted some great bags and cute dresses as well as shorts but what took my breath away was a black sweatshirt with fruits and flowers printed on it. Why I loved it so much was because it was simple and colorful, not over the top.

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I could not resist wearing it and once I put it on, it was quite hard for me to part with it because it fit so snugly and was warm without being too heavy. I love it so much!

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I also particularly liked an owl motif multi layered charm necklace which is enough to give character to any basic outfit.

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After reviewing the collection I got a chance to have a word with Vivek Prabhakar, Co-Founder & CEO, who told me everything about Collection One and how they first perfected the fit of the garments and then worked on the color scheme and the designs.

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Overall, the collection has a great pastel color scheme with pops of bright colors here and there. The prints are very interesting but the best thing about this collection is the feel of the cloth. The cloth used in each and every garment seems to be of very high quality and long lasting. Therefore, I cannot wait for their next collection which should be coming out by February next year.

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