Concept: Smriti Mamgain

Photographs: Kriti Mamgain

MUA: Kriti Mamgain.

Exposure is enlightening as well as confusing, especially for the 80s and the 90s kids. We are the transitional generation, the generation that has had to adapt the most. The ones before us have passed the point of absolute flexibility and the ones after us have seen the world mostly after the big changes. We have had to constantly modify ourselves, for we were raised a certain way and have to live and make a living in another way.



This has led to a grand chaos when it comes to traditions. How traditional are we? Let’s not eat meat on Tuesdays, why not though? Let’s wear a backless, frontless, thankfully nipple covering blouse, but should we really? Will we go against tradition? Does it still count as Indian? Are we traditional or are we doing it because dadi would mind? Is our tradition modified? If it is modified, doesn’t it go against the concept of tradition? Beef is good, beef is sin, beef is beef…what is beef?! Cow is God? Cow eats out of the MCD garbage trucks…what does ‘food of the Gods’ really mean?There is God in all living beings…should we stop eating meat and plant…it’s all living right?



Let’s fall in love with someone from another culture…will my parents be okay? Will his/her parents be okay? What will be the new tradition? Am I traditional anyway to care about the new one? Am I traditional at all? Does it matter? Is following another tradition considered cheating when I have barely followed mine? What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me, no more.



What I’m trying to say is that it’s not easy to take the best of both worlds, or a number of worlds…it is confusing. So we cope with interpretation because crop tops can be used as blouses and blouses can be worn with pants.



So I wore a crop top/blouse with pants and decorated myself with a pair of ‘traditional’ earrings. I felt happy because we are the ones who twist and turn and willingly adapt ourselves and attempt to keep the elders happy at the same time. We try to keep a bit of tradition no matter how we decide to carry ourselves and it results in a beautiful confusion.