The year is almost up, I hope all of you are making the most of it. I’m trying.

I will never forget this year – 2015. A lot changed in my life because 12 months ago I decided that I wanted to blog, knowing very little about it. Out of all things, there is definitely one major thing that I realised – it is not all fun and games. Little did I know how much I lack in knowledge regarding the technical end of it. It took countless days for me to try and understand everything – from how to host a website to social media mapping to what not! I’m still stumbling around it and have somehow managed to keep it going for a whole year!

But I love it, every annoying bit of it because of you. You make it special, you make me what to keep posting. There are times when I feel extremely uninspired and low, I feel like life is not working out, like maybe I took the wrong decision, and then you come along and make my life better. You make me want to continue with the blog. Thank you.

So, I decided to do a little recap of what all went down and of a few of my favourite looks of 2015!

I published my first post, yay!


I finally visited Kashmir, a place I was dying to go since god knows when!


Attended my first event as a blogger 🙂

IMG_7497a 2_mini_mini

Was blessed to be on the cover of a magazine!! (I could do with lots more of that 😛 )

11180460_10153025720188173_855595531_o copy

Travelled down south, to God’s Own Country – Kerala…


Attended Fashion Week as a blogger


Made a model out of my dog, Coco Doughnut 😛


Here are a few of my favourite looks from the year 2015:


IMG_8263 a


IMG_0229 a-2







Thank you so much for lending your kind ear to all that I have to say, you are awesome!

I hope this blog grows bigger and I am able to show you more amazing stuff. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me either in the comments below or via mail, I would love to hear what you have to say!

Let us all welcome 2016 with a warm hug and lots of love towards every being, and nature too! Also, don’t forget to follow me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for all the holiday season festivities!

P.S – Don’t let anyone skinny/fat shame you! Happy 2016 everyone 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!