Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Knowing what you want and being rigid are entirely different. While the former is helpful, the latter might not allow you to fully experience new things. This especially becomes true when one is visiting a new place.


No matter how much similarity places and people have, there are alway going to be a few differences. The basic culture, the food, the language – one or all of them can be different in different places.


Now, deciding to go to a new place just for a change of scenery is injustice to that place. I’m not saying that one should lose one’s individuality, but, one should definitely be open to experiencing things differently.


I have come across a lot of travellers who are shut to different cuisines, or following certain cultural aspects of a new place. I say why not? When you have travelled all the way, why not get a full 360 degree experience? Be it the food, or taking part in a new festival. After all, how would you know if you like it or you don’t till you give it a chance?


Therefore, today’s outfit is a very tropical one. It is a simple straight cut maxi dress with floral print. Obvious choice for the tropics, I know, but, it is a little different.


Floral prints usually have a light base, whereas this dress has black as its base color. The floral suits the beaches of Kovalam and black suits my taste.


I particularly liked this print because it is more of a palm print than floral, it shows more of green than flowers. I feel that it does justice to Kerala for if this place should have a color synonymous with it, I’d say it should be green.


So while I am blending in the tropics, I’m trying not to lose my individuality while doing so. I paired my dress with flip-flops because the beach demands it.


Since Kovalam literally embraces the Arabian Sea, sea food is a given. But not just anywhere, one must try one of the many floating restaurants that are here. What could be better than having sea food on water, right?


While you must have heard that the smaller a fish is, the tastier it is and as the size increases, the taste decreases. Well, not here. It doesn’t matter if you choose the smallest or the biggest fish that is on offer, it is guaranteed to be delicious.


However, if you want to eat a fish that has a lot of meat and bones that can be easily tackled, you should go in for a red snapper.


A lot of people love beaches but when they want to visit it in India, Goa is their go to place. But, if you are someone who loves beaches to relax and soak in some nature and not for the beach party scenes, Kovalam is a good option.



You must make it a point to visit The Golden Sand Beach, which hosts the Arabian Sea on one side and the Nayar River on the other. While the river sits calm, the waves of the sea are very harsh at this beach. It is also the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea. It is a sight to see, trust me!