Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

This is something I never knew because it never occurred to me that just like our names, the names of places would also have a meaning. You could call me dumb or oblivious, but, I never knew that Kerala is named after coconuts, where ‘Kera’ stands for coconut and ‘la’ means land.


And this land of coconuts it the most colorful land that I have ever seen. And no, I don’t mean that it is green. Yes, it is extremely green with thick tropical vegetation all around, but, it also has the most colorful houses I have ever seen. Each and every house is painted in happy colors like hot pink, bright purple, yolk yellow, orange, cherry red, and a lot of different shades of blue and green. You cannot help but smile as you drive around the place because these colors give this place a very happy vibe, along with the vibrant smiles of the people who pass by.



My first stop in Kerala is Munnar, and I am writing this post from here itself. Munnar is on the hills of the Western Ghats and has an amazing weather – neither too hot, nor too cold. The sun shines bright while the cold winds blow, giving this place the best of both worlds. This place has the most organized vegetation that I have come across because majority of the land beds tea estates that are neatly placed in rows and columns and are everywhere, as far as the eye can see.


Thus, since green is the dominant color of Munnar, I decided to go for an all while outfit so that the outfit and the place do not steal focus from each other. I chose and all white outfit also because head to toe white is doing wonders this season.



I paired a sheer white part lace shirt with white lace shorts, and wore black espadrilles with some embellishment, keeping it simple and easy. I carried a red and gold metallic clutch, a gift from someone beautiful in Kashmir, and decided to go for a red lip color as well, so that the outfit does not become one dimensional.


I felt that white was the perfect way to symbiotically enhance both the outfit, as well as the backdrop.


After I enjoyed the tea estates and toured the city for a while, I found out that if you are ever in doubt and cannot decide what to eat, just have some pineapple and a coconut water. It breaks all the stereotypical notions that healthy things never taste good.


I also learnt that eating fish in Munnar might not be a good decision because fresh fish is not available here and all of it is sourced from Cochin. I would suggest one to leave eating fish for other parts of Kerala.


Also, there are a lot of sellers selling homemade chocolates that taste divine and come in a variety of flavours, my favorite being the dark chocolate.


And needless to say, this place is ideal for tea lovers as there are a lot of stores selling different kinds of teas, and a lot of variety of green tea as well, since that has become a household requirement in recent times.


Munnar is a beautiful city and a unique one too, and a lot of this is because of the weather.


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