Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

While I immensely enjoy wearing all sorts of prints, there is something special about a paint splatter and every other asymmetric print that carries with it an element of fun. Since the print is not uniform, it gives the same outfit a different look, depending on the angle at which you view the outfit from.


What lies in front does not lie at the back, what you see on the right is not the same on the left. Unlike uniform prints, wherein you know exactly how a garment is going to look like from all sides, a random print is an extension of human nature.


We are different, not just from each other, but also in the nature of relationships we have with people. You and I may have a very different relationship with the same person, and different kinds of relationships with different people.


The same person is viewed differently by different people, depending on where a person stands in the other person’s life.



So while we have a particular image of ourselves in our head, we have a number of different images of us according to other people. Some might think we are wonderful, some could think we are not that great. We have a certain image of some people until we get to know them better.


It is fun to be able to be so many different people without even knowing it. You get to be the good guy, the bad guy, the irritating one, a kind person to some, it’s all in the angle.



Therefore, today I chose to revolve my outfit around the marble print. A marble print, quite evidently, lacks symmetry. It carries with it an element of surprise, as it is as random as random can get.


I took a marble printed knee length pencil skirt and paired it with a light sheer off-white top. I decided to stick with a light color wheel because of the weather being a little humid.


Also because of the weather, I decided to wear my top out, instead of tucking it in, because who needs overlapping layers sticking to our body when there is so much moisture in the atmosphere, thus, making the look more relaxed.


I completed the look with a pair of silver sequin pumps and enjoyed the wind.


This lightly printed skirt not only carries an element of fun, but also lets the top’s self print shine through, without making the whole outfit look too noisy.



So enjoy the different roles you play in different people’s lives!