Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

When we say the word mystery, it has a lot of feelings attached to it. Mystery is not just another word with a meaning. Mystery has power. It has the power to invoke a lot of feelings, a lot of conflicting feelings within us.


A mystery can be terrifying, attractive, fear inducing, exciting, it could generate curiosity or drive someone towards the opposite direction. Mystery is potent.


But when this term is applied to dressing, mystery becomes coy. It attracts, it makes people want more. And the person who is mysterious in such a case cannot help but enjoy it.


One of the most mysterious items of clothing has to be a long skirt with a slit, especially a side slit.  The right skirt with the right length of a slit can be immensely mysterious, extremely sexy. It certainly makes one feel so. This cut always creates an aura of mystery around the person who is wearing it.


So I decided that today I shall wear a side slit skirt… no points for guessing :P. The slit of the skirt being thigh high, but not too high, to create a good balance of what is revealed and what is concealed.


If you are someone who likes a high slit but don’t know how high the slit should be, just compare it to the tiniest skirt that you confidently wear. If the slit is higher than that skirt, that is not the perfect slit for you, as you will probably not feel comfortable in it.


Since grey is my favourite color (and 90% of my wardrobe is grey), I decided to, yet again, go for a grey skirt with a slight tie and die work going on around the sides. This slight print gives a bit of detailing to the skirt than it just being a grey skirt. I chose a navy blue top with gold rockstuds on the shoulders because navy blue and grey is one of the classics and because I have a soft corner for spiky studs.


One thing to keep in mind is that when we are playing with bold cuts, all focus should be given to that area, to do justice to the cut. Thus, since I chose to wear a skirt with a thigh high slit, I decided to go for a slightly conservative top.


This is a rather basic outfit, but in a way it is not because of the little details, and like I have said before, it is all in the details. Also, the cut of the outfit as a whole makes it special. Therefore, getting the pairing right is essential because there are certain pieces in our wardrobes that do not look that great individually and even worse should they be paired wrong.


Hence, with the right combination and a bit of attention to details, even the most random pieces and the most basic outfits can look amazing.


I would like to sign off by saying that I am working on my goals that I mentioned in last Friday’s post so stay tuned for some very special upcoming posts and collaborations, from a very special place on Earth. I hope that even you have been working on your short term goals… be good and be safe till I see you next Friday!