Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

I was recently invited to experience The (barely two weeks old) Jugaad Cafe and Bar which resides in Defence Colony, Delhi. Since it has just opened up, I had very little idea about it so I didn’t know how formal or casual this place  and the occasion might be.


Thus, I decided to stick to a semi formal look of pairing a structured blazer with the classic white shirt with denims combination. Since the blazer was light grey, I added accents of silver through my heels and my ring.



The first thing that went through my mind after reaching the place was that this place is extremely social media friendly. Why I say that is because this is one of those places that has done up it’s lighting in such an innovative way that everyone would want to capture it on their phones/cameras and share it on their social media (especially Instagram) accounts.



This cafe is spread across three floors and gives off a very warm and cosy vibe. While the overall theme of the interiors are the same (done by ‘jugaad’), each floor has something different and interesting to offer. But the best is top floor, where the whole roof and a wall are made of glass. So you are outdoors while being indoors, giving you the best of both worlds, ideal for breezy evenings and even star gazing (kidding, there is just pollution in Delhi).



I tried a lot of different drinks from their menu, including a tamarind mocktail, a strawberry fruit cocktail, a fruit punch and a watermelon and mint cooler.


The Tamarind Mock-tail


I ordered the watermelon cooler because that is my staple everywhere I go. Here it was soda based and really refreshing. The fruit punch was like any other fruit punch, except it had a lot of sour fruits chopped and loaded inside the punch, giving the sweet drink a good balance. But if I had to recommend one drink, it would have to be their tamarind cocktail because it is unbelievably delicious and something I have never seen in any other menu.


Watermelon and Mint Cooler



Strawberry Fruit Cocktail



Fruit Punch

For starters, I had the Kurkure Bhutta (crunchy corn in cob), the Vada Pav with Cutting Chai, Basa with aam papad and some chicken wings. Now I know most of us will not go to a fancy place and order bhutta and vada pav but you can call me crazy because these were amazing.


Basa Fish with Aam Papad



Chicken Wings


Now why should you buy something that is available on every street in India from Jugaad Cafe? It’s because the vada inside the pav was molten cheese and the pav had a delicious spread that tasted like chettinad. Trust me, you want to try it! And as far as the bhutta is concerned – it is grilled corn covered in some light version of slightly sticky sauce and dipped in crunchy peanuts…very innovative, very delicious!


Kurkure Bhutta (that looks like it has a funky hairdo)


Vada Pav with Cutting Chai

And as far as the Basa fish and the hot wings are concerned, the former had a sour surprise in the form of aam papad in the middle (it did not work for me) and the hot wings are hot and sweet and really good. If you usually don’t experiment with food or want to play it safe, then these wings are perfect for you!



Finally, for the main course, I went for Mongolian Chicken with Egg Friend Rice and a portion of Mushroom and Chicken Risotto. While the Mongolian Chicken was great, it was a ‘sweet savoury’ kind of a dish, I am yet to come across a risotto that I like.

Mongolian Chicken with Egg Friend Rice


Mushroom and Chicken Risotto

All in all, it is a lovely place with a very ‘Instagrammable’ ambiance and innovative dishes. Also, the place has been very generous with providing charging points, ideal for people who like sitting and working in cafes.


I hope you enjoyed this post…if you happen to come here, you must tell me what all you tried and how you liked it in the comments below!

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Address: 10, Ground floor, Defence Colony (main market), New Delhi