Photographs by Priyank Kaushik.

We have been witnessing the revival of vintage trends for a while now. From boot cut pants to overalls, from the midi length making a fabulous comeback to crop tops becoming a sudden rage – these trends have become so popular that they cease to be vintage anymore as, ironically, they are current.

However, one vintage trend that is not being embraced enough is the off shoulder. I feel that it hasn’t gained the popularity that it deserves. Yes, there are a few odd people who are pulling it off but like I said..only a few people. My inclination towards the off shoulder is not just because of its aesthetic appeal but because of a much deeper reason.


It is one of those few cuts that effectively highlights the collar bones – an area in the female anatomy which possesses the power of adding a delicate grace that other cuts might not fully expose, or maybe even hide. The collar bone is one of those parts of a woman’s structure that has the potential to add to the femininity. It is one of those features that has more of an appeal in the fairer sex.

While pondering on why this trend hasn’t caught on, a few things occurred to me. Maybe it is because we have become so consumed in running the race of equality that we have forgotten to celebrate ourselves as women. But then equality is not about being like the other sex, it is about not being discriminated against for not being like the other sex. So why are we increasingly accepting the ‘power suit’ but forgetting the ‘off shoulder’?


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for androgyny but not at the cost of losing out on the perks of being a woman. But maybe I am just thinking too much into it…maybe the trend has not caught on just because. It may or may not in the future. Whatever the case may be, I feel that all of us should give the off shoulder a shot at least once before deciding whether or not it is our cup of tea.


I paired my off shouldered sweater with high waisted pyjama pants to give more of a vintage touch to the outfit. I went with the basics, black and grey, because I wanted to highlight the cut of the sweater and, of course, my collar bones.Thus, I did not indulge in too much color or pattern. You could try this out, or make your own fabulous versions of it.

The coolest thing about this trend is that if you don’t want to spend money on this experiment, you can just take an old sweater, draw a line on its neck using a scale and cut it off, just like I did. Pair it off with a basic bottom, preferably something that covers more of your lower half for an overall balance and finally, bask in the glory of the compliments that you receive!