Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

Have you ever caught yourself behaving ironically, but, did it anyway? I did, when I prepared for this post. The top I am sporting today is a trapeze top. This particular style is called trapeze because of the fact that the rest of the top is suspended and just hangs by the two straps on either side, much like the functioning of a trapeze.


This trapeze design creates a wonderful drape, especially on the sleeves that fall and create ripples on either side, like a pebble when it hits water. But my point today is not the engineering of the top, it is the top itself.


This top has been borrowed from the early twentieth century’s bohemian culture. And bohemian fashion has done quite a few laps in the fashion circuit. As we are well aware that trends come and go, bohemian dressing has been a favourite amongst many, whether it was trending or not. And recently it has started trending again, people sporting bohemian elements are considered fashionably aware.


Now here is the irony – the bohemian culture was considered sexy because these people did not care about fashion or what was trending, they did not care about what they were wearing as opposed to the conscious effort put today by people to look bohemian.


So is it safe to say that fashion has been repeatedly celebrating a culture that does not give two hoots about it? Ironic, isn’t it?


And just like this, there are a lot other ironies that keep happening. The most basic one being needing to be sad to value happiness. This means that irony is quite complex and subjective, and it is never absolutely correct or incorrect.


I mean how else would we explain reading about what harm our phones can do to us on our phones!



Therefore, I have named today’s outfit The Bohemian Irony, because even I am celebrating this extremely comfortable trend consisting of mostly loose garments.


It is perfect for the heat as the loose drapes do not stick to you and your garment will probably not be the reason why you sweat, unless you are wearing a modified version of it made out of sweat inducing material.


I’m wearing a sheer red top because I am biased towards sheer and also because I am trying to wear more colors this season.  Also, I prefer this particular kind of red, a deeper kind, more towards burgundy than bright.


Now you must be wondering why I am wearing boots with this summer friendly trend. Well, like I said, irony! Also, I possess the power of not feeling hot in boots no matter how hot the weather is (unless they are fur boots).


In the end I would like to say that let’s just enjoy living ironically, because it is quite funny.