Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

Winters are, although slowly, finally arriving. The days are getting shorter and the nights embrace us for longer periods. Even the sun has begun to take cover from the chill under the clouds, leaving us gloomy.


Cure for gloom – a warm and fuzzy feeling. There are a number of ways to achieve that feeling: a cup of tea, some warm apple pie, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a slice of crumbling chocolate cake and socks. Thick, warm socks.


Another way of achieving that feeling – literally becoming fuzzy! That is what I did. I decided to push the gloom away, or rather enjoy the gloom with a warm fuzzy sweater.


I love fuzzy sweaters and I don’t wear pink that often. Therefore, I decided to go for a pink one because I thought that this color is good for the mood, keeping the weather in mind.


The cow print that the sweater has makes a statement, thus, a subtle base is perfect for the print. I kept the rest of the outfit quite basic – a black midi skirt and stockings. The peep toes are black as well, but with a stunning surprise on the heels!



Sticking to the protagonist color of the outfit, I carried a metallic light pink snakeskin clutch and sported bright pink lips to play with different shades of the same color. And it’s complete!



I think this sweater will also look very good with a white midi skirt, but without the stockings, along with a pair of metallic heels.



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