Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Shit happens. It happens all the time. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously, unless it is literal shit and it is not happening. I know it is easier said than done, but, what is the point of taking it too seriously? It’s not going to solve anything. Also, everyone has their own shit to deal with, so you are not alone.


If you have ever felt that the world is plotting against you, you are not alone in that either. A lot of us feel that at some point or the other. If you have, however, felt that all your life then I’m sorry. But that is highly unlikely.


I feel that shit is usually blown out of proportion because we cannot stop beating ourselves up about it. We have been living in such constant pressure that it has become a way of life. We tend to give ourselves a tough time about the tiniest things and don’t even notice.


We go through so much of personal, professional and social pressure that a life without pressure is a life that never occurs to us anymore. All of us want to be at the top, and when we reach the top, there is constant pressure of remaining at the top. While ambition is good, pressure is not.


Kids these days don’t even enjoy summer holidays anymore. They are busy doing multiple internships. And they are happy, all of us have found happiness in pressure.


The sad truth is that it is important to do all this in the mass manipulated society to stay in tune with reality. But I’m sure that there is a way of doing it without giving ourselves such a hard time.


There is such a thick stream of external stress, so the least we could do is go easy on ourselves, at least from time to time. Just sit back, relax and take it easy every now and then. It could be really therapeutic and actually help us become more efficient in the grand scheme of things.


To translate this thought into my outfit, I decided to wear loose and comfortable clothes to let my body breathe. I picked earthy colors, a grainy beige knit top and beige pyjama pants.


The top I’m wearing is one of the oldest tops I own. I have worn it extensively, even abused it at times by falling asleep in it. But it is just so soft and cozy that I cannot help it. And it gets softer and softer with every wash. Whenever I think of comfort and relaxation, my mind automatically bends towards this top.


The pyjama pants are the perfect way to save face in public on days when we do not want to get out of our pyjamas. They are just the right amount of loose while maintaining some structure.


I completed the outfit with my favorite pair of black heels, the ones I wear most often because they just go with everything.


I added my black heart pendant because it is my favorite. It was the first ever gift I gave to myself and, thus, it brings a sense of comfort to me.


So keep taking time off for yourself, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, eat whatever you want and just do whatever you have to do to recharge your battery. It will help you get a fresh perspective every time you face the world!

If you have read all the way through, you should now listen to this song – it will help, enjoy!