Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

It is no news that trends are mostly recycled. What we wear today is a modern adaptation of what we considered out of style a couple of years back. In fact, pick any 90s movie – the older it is, the more wearable the clothes would seem in today’s date.




This brings me to the trend of suspenders. Now, suspenders were originally meant for men but those were times when each gender had a very specific and narrow definition. Over a period of time, thankfully, gender definitions evolved and it was not long before women started sporting suspenders as well.



However, there were only a handful of them. Women did embrace the power suit but never really gave suspenders a fair chance, even though they were an important aspect of formal dressing. That is the case even today. The only difference is that even men who wear suspenders have become very rare, and are seen mostly in period films.


This is unfair to a trend that is actually quite sophisticated. I feel that it’s time that all of us give suspenders a chance, including all you young men out there. I know all of you work hard on your bodies and I’m sure you will be able to pull it off. All you need to do is pick the right shirt!




And like all trends, we can put our own spin on it. Hence, I decided to suspend the suspenders and just leave them hanging instead of wearing them traditionally, over my shoulders. Also, instead of going completely formal, I paired a military green formal pencil skirt with a simple white ribbed tank top and a washed-out denim jacket.




I enhanced the military touch with a pair of aviators and kept the shoes neutral.




So let’s all take a pair each and create some vintage magic!


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