Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

As my adventure through Kerala continued, my next stop after Munnar was Thekkady. While the former was immensely lush with its tea estates, the latter had a splendid smell in the air consisting of thousands of spices. Yes, you guessed it, Thekkady is the land of spices with uncountable number of spice gardens all over its hills.


This land of spices was a major reason behind Kerala’s spice trade with the rest of the world, which was one of the main drivers of the world economy, making Kerala’s ports one of the busiest in the world! But that was several millennia ago.


Today, Kerala still remains one of the major hubs of spices explaining the domination of spice gardens in this city. So it was a must to visit one of them, upon which I learned some interesting and spicy facts.


Did you know that the best way to find out if cloves are of good quality is to press its tail and look for oil. If it emits oil, it is of good quality, if not, then it isn’t so great. Also, one spoon of instant coffee makes one cup whereas the same amount of filter coffee can make 12 cups!


But the most shocking fact of all was that too much cardamom can reduce platelets in our blood, so let’s try to cut back on that. I like all my readers healthy and blushing in a brilliant shade of pink.


Alright, now since I was amidst so much of greenery, I thought of wearing something that stands out a bit. Therefore, I chose a top printed aztec but in shades of pink. This sheer top was paired with a royal blue skirt, to break away from so much greenery.


Since both the top as well as the skirt were printed, they were being held together because the print of the top also included some blue.


I completed the look with my favorite black snakeskin sandals and no jewellery at all, because there was already a lot of prints going on.


I felt that this look had a fresh element, translating from the freshness of nature, and at the same time it stood out.


Apart from the spice gardens, there was also an elephant safari being done at Thekkady. I love elephants and was excited to see them but when I saw the brochure, I did not like it because the images of elephants had chains around their ankles.


I decided not to go because I feel that some animals are just not meant to be tamed. I still cannot get that image out of my head.

What I would strongly suggest are the Ayurvedic massages that are Thekkady’s speciality. Just one tip though, instead of going to exotic spas that are unnecessarily expensive, go for a massage at one of the Ayurvedic hospitals. It is more authentic and cheaper.


Do let me know what your views are on Thekkady, whether you have gone, whether you wish to or what you liked and disliked in the comments below.

And stay tuned for some tropical fun!!