Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

There is always something in our lives that we wish to do, something that we have always wanted to do but when the time came, we decided not to do. This could have been for a number of reasons – hurting someone’s sentiments, not having the courage, fear of being branded, afraid that we might not be accepted. I don’t live in a fairytale world and I understand that sometimes one just cannot do certain things, but, that is not because of any other reason apart from the barriers that we put on ourselves.


If we wish to do something, we should just do it without thinking much about what others would say or what the “society” (this term really annoys me) would think because the society will talk no matter what you do. It is not really worth living the way the society wants us to, if the way we want to live is opposed to the way the society functions, because it is their way, not ours. And just like the society, even we have just one life to live. So unless what we want to do goes against humanity, we should do it because it is impossible to keep everyone happy so you might as well focus on yourself.


Therefore, I decided to go sheer today because one of the things that makes me happy is my body. It not perfect, not even near it, I am still working on it but it makes me happy. And I am comfortable in it. So I don’t mind wearing sheer because if others have a problem with it, it is their problem. And if I had decided not to go sheer because of what the people would say, they would have probably objected to something else that I did. I need to accept what I want first, in order to make other people accept it. It might be scandalous initially, but, later on people will accept it, they might not like it, but they will accept it. And everyone does not have to like it, that is why we have a certain kind people we surround ourselves with, mostly our family and friends. And that is why I have you guys, who like me for who I am and are not influenced by the haters.


Today’s outfit was not just fun to wear but was quite liberating as well, because once you decide that nothing can bring you down, you will realise that you are happier. Just don’t worry and don’t care.


I paired my black fine net shirt with a black lace brassier, to keep things interesting, and black pants because you can never have too much of black. Anna Wintour might think otherwise but I think that even she would look amazing in head to toe black. I deliberately chose high waisted pants because there is a thin line between classy and crass, and I did not want to cross it and also because overdoing things usually does not work.



I finished the look with black bandit boots because I was feeling like a badass in this outfit. So do whatever you want to do, flaunt your body if you wish to, or don’t. Just make sure that the decision is yours and yours alone.