Photographs by Kunal Khullar.

When the sun decides to throw a tantrum and act difficult and the cold winds arrive to comfort us in their chilly embrace, there is nothing we can do to stop the shiver running down our spine. The foggy mist cocoons us and makes us feel like meat kept in cold storage. This is nature’s way of telling us that we might be the most evolved of all species but nothing can trump mother nature.

However, we can protect ourselves through layers and layers of clothing, depending upon the intensity of the cold. The colder it is, the thicker jackets come out of the closet but there is one thing that I have noticed which has not been given enough credit and since credit should be given were credit is due, today’s article is dedicated to SHAWLS.

The thing about shawls is that while its absence is noticed, its presence is not. What I mean is that everyone does own shawls but it is mostly the most ignored winter item in almost everyone’s  wardrobe. We do have multiple shawls but we are yet to realise their value and their potential. Shawls are not just for warmth, they are immensely beautiful too. Yet, we end up using a shawl just as an addition to our outfit and never make it the centre of the outfit.

Therefore, today’s curation is of how shawls can be used differently, not merely as a sidekick but as the hero of an outfit. So here it goes:


1. The Cowl Neck

The Cowl Neck is more common in scarves than in shawls but if we drape a shawl that way, it will cover more torso area and keep it warm while displaying its beauty at the same time. It will automatically take centre stage and the outfit will instantly become more about the shawl than about what lies behind it.



2. The Cape

Since cape jackets are trending right now, why not use a shawl as a cape? Not only does it give an edge to the outfit, it adds another layer to keep you safe from the chill. It also has the potential to enhance mundane outfits with its beautiful colours and patterns.


3. The Poncho Jacket

The Poncho Jacket is one of the best ways to show off the beauty of a shawl because it highlights the shawl on the whole of the top half of your garment. Simply drop the shawl on your shoulders and make it cover your torso then add a belt to the waist so that the shawl stays in place and adds a bit of detailing to the outfit.


Thus, these are a few ways in which shawls can be draped to not just give warmth but contribute to making a statement as well. Shawls have been used since ages but only as the second fiddle and it is time we realise their power and bask in their glory.