Photographs by Rohit Pachauri.

DISCLAIMER: Neither is this article inspired by, nor does it have anything to do with the socially acceptable loophole of the porn industry called “50 Shades of Grey”.


‘To err is human’, ‘Nobody is perfect’, ‘People make mistakes’, ‘There is a bit of evil in all of us’ are some very common phrases that all of us have heard a lot of times, and agreed with as well. We know our flaws and we embrace them. We do work on being better human beings but there is  not one of us who has never made a mistake.


From the day we breathe the air of this planet till the time our body decides that it needs a heavenly change, we make mistakes. At times we are rude and selfish and conceited…we might be right as individuals sometimes,  but we are wrong in someone else’s eye. Therefore, there is no perfection in our species. What might be perfect to you might be the exact opposite to someone else, and vice-versa.

My point is that no one is pure evil or angelic. We are all shades of grey. And yet we wear all black and all white outfits brilliantly and never opt for everything grey. Why? I am aware of the fact that one’s clothes represent one’s mood but going by that logic..people are either feeling extremely pristine or hauntingly devilish depending on their choice of white and black respectively.



Whenever we wear grey, we usually want to balance it out by another basic element when, in fact, grey is also very basic color. So I thought that it was time to be fair to all the basics, after all grey could be called the love child of black and white, and embrace the representation of the dubious human nature.

Therefore I decided to go for an outfit with every element being grey, from the dress to the blazer. My shoes represent the vibrance in human nature while being very basic at the same time. As the sun shines, it lifts up our moods as well as the mood of my shoes and they shine brilliantly because basics can create magic.


It is not just that, an all grey outfit is aesthetically not that bad after all, all it required was some courage…the same courage that we require at the time of accepting our flaws and admitting to our mistakes. I say that an all-grey ensemble rules but it needs to be paired wisely. So I have paired a loose drain pipe dress with a well-fitted coat. My heels are strappy because I love straps and these are the only grey pair I have so no strategy here.

I live by the fact that the fitting of any outfit, be it thrifted or bought from a multi million dollar fashion house, is what matters. It is the fitting that defines us and can make a fabulous outfit look silly and an ordinary outfit look extraordinary. This is the reason why I think grey on grey has not disappointed us!