Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Blue, white and stripes is a typical nautical combination. Add a hint of red and you are ready for a sail. The trick is to do classics differently. And since my heart has been longing for the ocean somewhere far away from the city, but, my pocket is forcing me to stay indoors, I thought I’ll just dress myself up and dream about my heart’s desire.

Version 2


Therefore, in order to do classics differently, I ended up looking like I’m about to break into a routine of tango. Instead of sticking to horizontal stripes, I opted for vertical ones and instead of a fitted skirt or a long maxi skirt, I opted for a flared skirt with lots of gathers. And that made all the difference.




Pairing this with a sheer white part lace top signifies the breeze that rejuvenates the body while sailing. And something red are the block heels. With gold earrings, this outfit makes for a modified version of a classic sailing ensemble.




All I need now is a one way ticket, but, human nature is to always long for things out of reach so if I actually end up getting it, maybe I will begin to desire the concrete jungle? I highly doubt that though.



On a completely unrelated note, the other day I saw someone throw a stone at a dog and laugh, the reason being the fact that the dog had peed on the person’s bike’s tyre. So now when I see anyone pee on a wall, I’ll throw a stone at them and laugh. Please save me if you are around, in case that person runs after me to hurt me.