Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

I always fall for fall, for it is neither hot nor cold. It is the season in which you can get away with wearing anything without looking weather confused.


It is the only season wherein a pair of booty shorts with a sweater looks cute instead of looking stupid. It is the weather in which those sexy jackets (the ones that cannot protect us from the chill at all) can be worn with body con dresses.


And it is the perfect weather for some playful layering because you will not end up feeling suffocated.

I had recently bought this dress while it was still pretty hot and didn’t wear it because the cloth is a bit thick. I bought it because I loved the olive green color.



But when I tried it on, I realised that since it is a loose midi length dress, it was kind of looking like a tent. Also, I realised that cowl necks look good independently only when the rest of the garment is fitted, unlike this dress.

I knew then that this dress would need more than just accessories to look good. It needed more definition.



Thus, I paired it up with this striped shirt (the dress has enough room to fit anything, it is very good for buffets!), to give it more structure and polish, making it a great fall look.


The formal shirt gives the outfit a bit of sophistication while the drape of the dress adds playfulness.

I completed the look with my silver metallic heels and a couple of rings, making it casual enough for the day and formal enough for the night!