Photographs by Priyank Kaushik.

It was a long day today. All of us had a long and an eventful day. I’m assuming that all of us had a long, eventful, a very festive day. A colourful day, I hope it wasn’t greasy though, because that silver and gold grease is just not happening. Makes us look like robots which is not cool because as mechanical as we have become today, leading our fast-paced, monotonous and hectic lives, we are yet to reach the robotic phase.

There is still some human in us. Well, in some of us. That ‘some’ is a minority, unfortunately. My life is a joke, to the majority, because I am a woman. What I do, what I’m doing right now, is ‘cute’. It is for fun and should not be taken seriously. “Awww, look at her, trying to make a career, trying to make a name for herself, haha, and then they say that it’s not their fault!” I should really be getting ready to let go of my maiden name now.

So before my blog gets banned, because anything can happen these days, and I really do fear that it might (because the terms ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ belong to history books), today’s post is about cropped jackets.


Two things about cropped jackets – 1) they are really just for show, they cannot keep you warm and 2) they are awesome! Cropped jackets are perfect for when the weather acts promiscuous. When it is neither too cold, nor too warm, it leads us to dressing up like weather confused beings (hot pants and uggs, really now?). So when there is a slight chill in the air, crop jackets and thin stockings are your best friends. Plus, we have had enough of layering ourselves up. It is time for the snow-(wo)man to melt and the stick-(wo)man to breathe.


Cropped jackets are also good for when you want to show off your curves but it is not hot enough (as in the weather). They are of the perfect length – long enough to cover the torso and short enough not to mess with the curves waist-down.


The interesting thing is that crop tops are extremely popular and, yet, cropped jackets did not become a craze. I wonder why, because unlike crop tops, cropped jackets hide your problematic areas, if you are one to suffer from either a tummy or a muffin top or both. And since Victoria is clearly in no mood to give away her secret, we need to dress intelligently and cropped jackets are the perfect camouflage.


I decided to pair a cropped jacket with a semi fitted dress and I wore a belt over the jacket to add a bit of detail and to highlight my waist, which, in turn, enhances my curves. Because both the items that I chose are blue, I made sure that they are of different shades and of different textures. My jacket has a running self embroidery while the dress is smooth. I finished the outfit off with black stocking and black zipper booties because of the weather and also because I feel that booties always look better with stockings.


And since the weekend has just begun, you could give the cropped jacket a try at one of those awesome parties you are going to attend over these two days. Do tell me if it worked for you in the comments below.


A very very HAPPY HOLI to all of you!