Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

If I were to tell you that ‘it’ needs to be more acidic than alkaline in nature, would you assume that I have entered a new genre of blogging…whatever that ‘it’ may be? Well, the ‘it’ I am referring to is our clothing.


We usually accept or reject clothes based on what they look like and how they fit, never really wondering about how that particular garment came into existence, that the design of the garment is just a part, a major one but just a part none-the-less, of the process of birthing the final product.


I have to say that the way I look at clothes has altered ever since I accepted the invitation to go for a factory visit with PostFold, a brand merely two months old but showing immense promise, and understand how garments are made.


I dressed myself up in a black, grey and white ensemble, wearing a black turtleneck with a marble printed white skirt. The chilly winter morning called for a black trench along with some cover for the neck, for which I played with the outfit by layering a grey woollen knit muffler on top of a checkered black and white scarf. I completed the outfit with one of my oldest pairs of black zipper booties.





Upon my arrival, the chilly weather warmed up a bit because of the warm smiles and the hot cups of tea to comfort the guests in a cosily lit room showcasing PostFold’s first collection.


I was greeted by Ashish Gurnani and Aashray Thatai, the co-founders of the brand, with a very welcoming attitude. They explained the concept of their brand – “Desk to Dinner”. It is targeted towards young working adults who are always on the run, for whom each minute counts. At a time when there is so much to do and so little time, the concept of a clothing line that is formal enough for work and ‘smartly’ casual for the evenings is perfect for people always on the run.


Ashish Gurnani (left) and Aashray Thatai (right)


I reviewed both the men’s collection as well as the women’s collection and concluded that this brand is great for everyday basics with an unmatched quality. The feel of the garments really stood out for me – extremely soft and snug. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. The real enlightenment happened when we went behind the scenes.



One of my favorite pieces form the collection


Did you know that even before producing sample products, the fabric needs to go through various tests, not just for quality control but also to see if it is safe for the skin?



Coming back to the way I began this post, the fabric used in making garments needs to be acidic and not alkaline with a pH level of around 6 for whites and pastels, and a pH level of around 7 for darker colours. The fabric also has to go through a humidity test, for the testing room always has to maintain a humidity of about 65%, along with a sun test. And once each fabric passes through seven to eight different tests successfully, only then it is good enough to work with.



The chosen fabrics are converted into samples based on the designs and are tested in various ways, one of them being the fit and the overall look of the garment. After this, the chosen samples are sent for cutting, wherein each part – like the cuffs, collars, the body and everything else, is laser cut separately and then sent for an assembly line assembling.





When the assembling is done and a shirt is born, it is then labelled and packaged, ready to embrace whoever selects it.



It takes a lot of handwork to make clothes, and the idea behind organising this factory visit – to give credit to the ladies and the gentlemen who have a big hand in shaping our personalities (I am a believer of our clothes being an extension of our personality), won my heart!



It is not just the amazing quality of PostFold products, but it’s attitude towards the ones backstage is what makes me feel that this brand is going to go a long way!


If you wish to check out their collection, you may follow the link below:

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