Photographs by Vipul Sachdeva.

When I got invited to witness what is about to unfold once PizzaExpress, a pizzeria that was established in 1965 in England, opens its outlet in Gurgaon, I couldn’t refuse. This is simply because the whole world, including me, loves pizza. I mean, I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t like a melting slice of hot and cheesy edible heaven.

I immediately started deciding what I would wear to the sneak peek of PizzaExpress Gurgaon and faced the most hackneyed problem ever, called “I have nothing to wear”. After a lot of deliberation, I decided I was going to wear something black because of its slimming effect as I knew I was going to be hogging all night. Thus, I ended up pairing one of my oldest, most favourite dresses with black pants.

IMG_7726 a

This is something all of us can do whenever we feel we have nothing to wear. All the old dresses we have, that we are too attached to throw away, but, don’t want to wear again because we have already worn them thousands of times can be worn as tops. It is easier to wear body-con mini-dresses as tops than other, looser or longer dresses because tucking them in becomes a pain.

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I tied my hair up in a braided bun because I did not want it to hide the chains on the shoulders and I paired the outfit with some vintage oxidised silver earrings. I finished the look with black shoes because I didn’t want to break the continuity of the outfit so that it’s metal detailing remains the focus.

IMG_7721 a

IMG_7740 a

As soon as I reached the venue, I was greeted with several warm smiles and a warm, mouthwatering smell of Dough Balls “PizzaExpress”. It was the yummiest dough with a hint of garlic, served with three different spreads. I ordered a peach iced tea to wash it down with.

IMG_7613 a

While I was enjoying my starter, something very unexpected happened….a pizza making competition! I was both nervous and excited because when it comes to pizza, I have only witnessed the final product. So when the chef or the Pizzaiolo (that is what they call chefs at PizzaExpress) started telling us how to make a good pizza, I paid full attention. Not only did he tell us how a pizza is made, he even told us that PizzaExpress hosts similar classes for groups on special request.

IMG_7666 a


After I made my mental notes, I was ready to make my own pizza!


We were given a variety of toppings that we could use to create magic on dough.

IMG_7636 a



After we were done attempting to be pros at a skill that takes years and years of practice (I’ll tell you a little secret – the pizza base was already made for us, thankfully), we were seated again and the feast began.

We were served generous amounts of starters like Ramiro Al Forno and Polpette, pastas including the Tagliatelle Pollo Bolognese and six different kinds of pizzas, my favourite being the Classic American Pizza. While I shamelessly ate, I learned that PizzaExpress is about 50 years old with presence in England, Hong Kong, China, Gibraltar, Jordan, Oman, as well as India.

IMG_7629 a

I also learnt that pizza making is actually a dance form :P. Not only is there good food at PizzaExpress, but there is also some really good entertainment. The best part about this place is the fact that it has an open kitchen, so, you can actually see your pizza being made. I feel that this gives the customer more than just food, it gives an interactive experience.
IMG_7711 a

IMG_7742 a

And finally, with the deserts, Chocolate Fudge cake and Banoffee Pie, came out the results of the pizza making competition. And guess who won! Hint – the ones who did not win will never mention this competition on their blogs :P.

IMG_7753 a

At last, I went home with a satisfied belly but a hunger to come back here as soon as PizzaExpress Gurgaon opens!