Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

There is a new online shopping experience in town and it is called PrintOctopus! It has the cutest little pink baby octopus as its mascot and some amazing art to choose from. Confused?


Well…all of us have indulged in online shopping, and this offers the same but in a different way. Instead of having lots of items to choose from, PrintOctopus has loads and loads of prints to choose from!


Once chosen, these prints can be printed on t-shirts, phone covers, posters, laptop sleeves, and much more.


The people at PrintOctopus were kind enough to offer any one thing from their website. It was great but I was spoilt for choices. There is so much of artwork…a wide variety of prints to choose from, that you will not be able to pick one thing!


Everyone will find something of their liking – if you are a comic nerd, a nature lover, or in love with graphic prints, there is something for everyone. There are so many amazing prints that it took me hours to finalise what I wanted.


Finally, I settled for a black men’s round neck t-shirt (because I like my t-shirts to be loose) and the print I chose is called “Oh Snap!” with a cute camera printed on it. I found it to be damn cute. I paired it with a black midi pencil skirt and a Christmasy black and grey cardigan because it is December.




I then wore theses tan booties and black socks to keep my feet warm. I think this look is perfect for a sunny winter day – to go out for lunch or to enjoy the year end celebrations!



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