Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Today’s post is a rather simple one because simple, laid-back dressing in the summer is what everyone desires and does, more or less. However, simple does not mean giving up on the style. A few simple details can enhance an outfit quite a bit.


Also, while summer is the time to take out tank tops and the strappy, backless clothing and well as cut-offs, it is also the time to easily get really really burnt. So if you are someone who does not mind a good tan, great, but, if you are someone who does, skin exposing clothes should be left for the evenings.


The best solution that I found to wearing covered clothing in the summer heat and not feeling stuffy are bat sleeve tops. They are mostly quarter sleeved or full sleeved, and are very loose because of the batwings connecting the arms to the body of the top. There is ample amount of ventilation happening in the upper half of the body while keeping it covered at the same time. Also, they look cute. All you need to do is pick the right, light material.


Now, about the details to simple outfits. Sometimes our thinking gets so complex that we don’t realise that the answers are really simple. It happens a lot, especially in today’s time. We have become so used to analysing things so much that we have forgotten that a lot of things have very simple solutions. Like color blocking.



Color blocking is usually thought of as braking up of an outfit with two or more solid colors. This is mostly done via the top and the bottom being of contrasting solid colors or a single piece having contrasting solid colors. While this is true, there are other ways of achieving color blocking.


The answer lies in accessories. Not only do accessories add detailing to outfits, they can be used to achieve certain kinds of looks. Therefore, I took a pink bat sleeved top, paired it with a pair of basic black leggings and added blue reflectors. By adding the blue reflectors, my casual outfit that was rather simple became a color blocking look. Thus, the solid color contrast for color blocking does not necessarily have to be in the outfit itself. It can be in the accessories as well.



I finished off the look with a pair of heels, I kept the color of the heels similar to the color of the outfit because there was already enough contrast. I added heels to a casual outfit because, personally, they bring a lot of confidence. Also, I chose these heels because they did not mess with the casualness of the look.

CB 12

So, simple at times is the way to go, not just when it comes to outfits, more when it comes to problems. Simple can be very effective, if we give simple a chance.