As tempting as the word ‘isolation’ sounds, it stunts growth. We might want isolation, but we can never flourish in isolation. Even if it is one person, we need that one person, our species is made that way. And if one is blessed to have a lot of wonderful people to derive inspiration from, then isolation is not my preferred station.

No business or any kind of work can survive alone, it needs people and communities to succeed. I started blogging because I wanted to share my view on fashion and life with whoever wanted to listen. It has been almost a year now, I started this blog in January, 2015. I couldn’t have done it without a lot of people, my photographers playing an integral role, because the most essential part of any blog is photography.

And I am blessed to have a wonderful community to help me make my dreams come true so I decided to dedicate this end of the year post to all the wonderful people who have helped me, inspired me and made me grow – the ones behind the camera.


Kriti Mamgain


I’m currently pursuing Economics Honours from Delhi University. Along with my love for economics, I’m also greatly passionate about music. I enjoy playing guitar. I’m also a part on an a cappella group for which I sing and beatbox. I was always interested in photography and got an opportunity to discover it by being a part of the blog.

Instagram: @kritimamgain

Manoj Juyal



My name is Manoj Juyal. I am a freelance photographer based out of Delhi with special interest in fashion, lifestyle and conceptual photography.
I also work as a French translator.
Art is an integral part of my life, a way of self-exploration. Apart from photography, I devote my time to music too. I am learning sitar from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Delhi.
My tryst with photography started 3 years back when my brother left his camera with me and I started experimenting with it. The curiosity started with a chance has now taken the form of passion and I am enjoying every bit of this creative journey..
I am crazy about movies, crave for meaningful conversations over tea/coffee and love taking a stroll in nature.

Instagram: @manojjuyal

Vipul Sachdeva


For a person who would prefer a camera over a pen, writing about himself isn’t as easy as it would seem. Currently working in the production team for a Youtube channel ‘The Surfing Violinist’, photography is an escape from the daily hassles. And more importantly, a medium to spread smiles and getting to know more people.

Instagram @vipsach23

Eiliyah Anees


Born and brought up in Kashmir- A beautiful valley in the Himalayas, I was intrigued by colours of nature, God’s art, and it moulded me into a colourful creative person. I loved doing make up on myself and my friends which later on changed to a profession, and I worked as a bridal make up artist for a year. Photography was always a hobby which is why I changed 4 cameras in a year! But my main interest is Human rights which is what I am studying right now in Glasgow University, Scotland. I am 60% Kashmiri by nature and 40% Dilli ki ladki, I love my friends in Delhi whom I met in Delhi University, Smriti was the president of a leading Fashion Society in Kamala Nehru College and I was a make up artist in the society, which is where I met Smriti. She has always encouraged me to pursue what I want to and what I love, and it is likewise.

Instagram: @eeeliyaah

Peter Brendan Godfrey



I hate writing, especially writing about myself because I believe that videos can speak louder than words. I’m a videographer at heart who branches out into photography for selective projects or when Smriti eats my head. Along with frequently biking upwards of north of India, I am a director at If it were up to me, I would never stop travelling!

Instagram: @peterbrendan

Priyank Kaushik


I am currently working on a music video “Ganga” for a Dehradun based band Malhaar. Although I am based out of Delhi, you will rarely find me here because I spend most of my days droning around the mountains.

Kalyani Tule


Initially I had applied for graphic design at MITID Loni but soon after my portfolio review I was given 3-4 options and I ended up studying film and video. I do a lot of back and forth between Mumbai (my home) and Pune (my second home now) and take up photography projects whenever I get time.

Instagram: @rosegold29

Kunal Khullar 


Hopefully a photojournalist someday, I shoot a lot of music shows and I am slowly making a complete shift to photography as a career. I am currently a journalist covering tech and gadgets and also working for a progressive metal band called ‘Passages’. A big geek and a major Star Wars fan. Can listen to a wide variety of good music, except Bollywood item numbers.

Instagram: @kunalneo


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Also, a very very special 2015 recap post is coming up super soon!