Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

It is hard to say whether fashion dictates sports or sports dictates fashion but the two have always had a very symbiotic relationship. Yes, one does need to dress up practically while playing a sport but that has not stopped a lot of women from looking fabulous while at it.


It might come as a surprise but the early twentieth century was the most fashionable era when it comes to sports. There is a bit of sadness behind this fact because the reason for women to be impeccably dressed was because it was not considered important for them to win any competitive sport. Hence, it was not important for them to wear clothes appropriate for the sport that they chose to play. This led to them playing in their best attires and indirectly contributing to fashion.


So the relationship between the two was actually started by sports taking the initiative. In 1922, another remarkable fashion moment happened in the world of sports when Suzzane Lenglen showed up for tennis at Wimbledon wearing a short skirt (the skirt was short for that time period).


Suzzane Lenglen at Wimbledon, 1922

This was the push that the sports industry needed towards fashion after which sport stars like Paula Creamer and Serena Williams and many before and after them began to be known as much for their style as they were for their sport.


This relationship between the two has kept growing ever since so much so that today the line is getting blurred between sports and fashion. It started off with sports adopting fashion (of course while being practical at the same time) but today sportswear has managed to penetrate into the world of fashion.


It is not just sport stars who get to endorse sports brands anymore but popular celebrities as well who not only endorse them, but at times bring out their own collections for the brands.


Sports and fashion are not just limited to celebrity endorsements, sportswear has also made appearances on the red carpet and various fashion events.



Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss

It seems like things are changing as sneakers are making appearances at fashion events more than ever. Something that was only used for trips to the gym has now become a fashion staple not just because of its utility but also because it makes a statement.




In the world of fashion, where the preferred mode of transportation has always been heels – the higher, the better – it is a welcome change that is being embraced with open arms and this relationship of the two worlds has become deeper than ever and it seems as if it will keep growing, quite evidently!




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