Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

I think that the number of times we feel that we have nothing to wear is far greater than the number of times we have it figured out. Also, I don’t think that there is ever a time when we feel that we have way too much stuff.


When we have the perfect pair of trousers, there is no top that does justice to it. If we have the right top, we keep wishing to have bought that skirt that we saw the other day, the one that would have looked perfect with it. When we find a dress that fits like a charm, no shoe that we own is good enough.


So let’s establish a fact: no matter how much we hoard, it will not prevent “I have nothing to wear” days. This is because it has got nothing to do with our wardrobes, it’s our state of mind. And it’s fine to feel so. It’s okay to have one of those days when nothing is enough. It happens.


What we really need to do is find a solution for such kind of days, instead of getting frustrated or upset. I think a better way to channel that frustration is to let creativity, and not anger, take over. It is the time to look beyond what you see.


So I was having one of those days and that led me to open my father’s wardrobe. In that wardrobe I came across a pair of white pinstriped shorts. Every time I have seen him wear those shorts, I’ve always wanted something similar because they are nice and summery. It is also because I like pinstripes a lot.


When I saw those shorts, I asked myself why I still haven’t bought a tinier version that fits me. Then a thought crossed my mind…maybe I could wear this pair till the time I find what I am looking for.


And that is exactly what I did. Yes, there were some size issues so thank god for belts. I took those boy shorts and gave them a bit of a spin. I didn’t want the look to be androgynous, so I paired them with a raw silk crop top/blouse so that the femininity of the look stays intact.



In fact, by adding the silver heels and earrings, I feel that the outcome was a good mix of sporty femininity.



I kept the makeup neutral because the top was adding quite a bit of pop to the outfit.



I’m not suggesting that we should start opening random wardrobes. I’m just saying that there is no harm in giving different things a chance. I mean, if you have sisters, then relying on their wardrobes is kind of obvious and you will get bored by that sooner or later.


That is the time when you really need to burn the creativity oil. Also, always remember that inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone – even if it a street vendor who just happened to wear a deep purple blouse with a green sari because she can’t afford too many clothes, so she just uses whatever she has. She has been rocking some solid colour blocking like nobody’s business and isn’t even aware of it, now that is being effortlessly stylish in the true sense of the word!