Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Even though I like to think of myself as a curious soul, what goes into making a watch never crossed my mind. I ignorantly assumed that all watches are mass produced in factories, that is until I got invited to witness the live assembling of an exquisite watch by the Jaipur Watch Company.


Since the event was being held at the House of Heirloom, I knew it would be a cosy one with elegant interiors. Thus, I decided to keep my outfit simple and classy so I paired a soft knit top with my black midi skirt with self embroidery. I completed the outfit with some turquoise & pastel peach chandelier earrings and snakeskin strappy sandals.



Upon arrival, I realised that my chandeliers weren’t the only ones in the house, and in the race of extravagance they were rendered defeated by the beautiful ones that adorned the celling.



After accepting a refreshing glass of wine, I got to know a little bit about the Jaipur Watch Company from the the co-founder himself, Gaurav Mehta. He told me interesting tales about how he got interested in making watches and still prefers using vintage tools instead of the more evolved ones and how much trial and error was involved initially, in experimenting with watches, making it a rather expensive hobby, especially because he does it all without any professional training.



With this the live assembling of one of the ‘Coin Watches’ from the ‘Imperial Collection’ began. I learnt how a watch is made from scratch, starting with the concept and the design. The concept of this particular one was embedding coins in the watch dial, marking a milestone in the history of the Indian currency because all the currency used in this collection are from the collection of King George VI.


BeFunky Collage


Gaurav Mehta assembling a watch.


It was fascinating to watch all the elements, like the hour and the minute discs, the punched coin, the sapphire glass casing and various other elements come together to make a piece of art. I realised that professional training is not a necessity where there is an abundance of passion.

BeFunky Collage 2


But this wasn’t all. The collaboration of the Jaipur Watch Company and the House of Heirloom exudes luxury. Both compliment each other. It was interesting to see watches from different collections placed all over the store covering the various beautifully handcrafted interiors.



A watch made out of real peacock feather.

The store offers unique products quite literally. No two things will ever be the same, that is how it will become an heirloom. This is their philosophy.



Sumer Singh (Sales and Marketing Director, House of Heirloom) explaining the art.



I decided to soak in the artistic beauty by sitting down on the beautiful ‘Shloka Sofa’ (that is what I call it, since it has a silk covering with shlokas hand embroidered on it) for a while before it was time to leave.