Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Don’t go by the name, it is much more than a pizzeria. I scared you a little over there right?


I think we can all agree that we have watched endless episodes of Jamie at Home and Jamie’s Kitchen not just for the food but for Jamie as well. And the one thing that I took away from those episodes is how much he advocates fresh, organic ingredients.


Now, a television show is very different from real life and we cannot know for sure what is happening behind the scenes, although, he does pick a lot of ingredients from his backyard in Jamie at Home.


But when celebrity chefs open restaurants, it can tell the authenticity of idea that is put across via television. And Jamie’s Pizzeria is proof that he practices what he preaches. Here is why: the menu is specifically created in accordance to the availability of organic ingredients that are produced locally, which is sourced by vendors who have successfully passed a series of hygiene tests, and only those who don’t indulge in malpractices like child labour.


It was good to know that so much has been taken into consideration at Jamie’s Pizzeria, for which I dressed myself in a little white summer dress (which can also pass off as a kurta when paired with pants). I paired it with a light duster which is one of my staples, and finished the look off with suede red heels.



Now, coming back to the opening line, it is much much more than your average pizzeria where I enjoyed a delicious three course meal.

I began with a drink, a Lychee Spritz, which was nice. It was refreshing, kind of like a toned down version of lychee juice. I also tried their Homemade Ginger Beer. It was quite potent, so it didn’t work for me but for people who like the feel of ginger hitting the throat, go for it!


Lychee Sprits (back) Homemade Ginger Beer (front)

Moving on to the appetisers, I ordered a portion of Fritto Misto and a portion of Mushroom Fritti. If you are a seafood fanatic (I am), the Fritto Misto is probably the best dish on the menu because it includes a tempura like preparation of fish, prawns and squid which is served with a great Italian tartare sauce. The Mushroom Fritti is also good, but is does not have a very significant mushroom flavour. This one is served with their ‘secret’ chilli sauce, I loved the sauce. It was reminding me of the red chutney served with South Indian cuisine. I think I loved the sauce more than the fritti.


Fritto Misto


Mushroom Fritti

I skipped the salads and moved on to the main course – the pizzas. I decided to go for the Basil Pollo, Jamie’s Super Greens and Chicken Peperonata. I must say that these pizzas have been the freshest looking pizzas I have come across. The toppings are so fresh and al-dante that there is a desirable crunch when you bite into them.




Chicken Peperonata

All of them were great pizzas but it was a tie between Basil Pollo and Jamie’s Super Greens, the taste of their sun dried tomatoes is just divine! So if you want to try a non-vegetarian pizza, I recommend the former, and I highly recommend the latter if you want to go in for a vegetarian option.


Basil Pollo


Jamie’s Super Greens

And now the final course – the desserts. I ordered the Seasonal Almond Tart and Vanilla Cream, as well as the Epic Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla and I cannot decide which one I enjoyed more. Both very different, both amazing!

If you want to go in for the classics, the Epic Chocolate Brownie is a good option. The brownie is a dark chocolate one and you can tell that their vanilla ice-cream is made out of vanilla beans instead of the vanilla extract for there are specs in the ice-cream which makes it smooth and creamy and sinfully delicious.


Epic Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla

If you are nuts for nuts then knock yourself out with the Almond Tart, it is nutty and nice, with a thin layer of berry jam on top. It is served with cream which keeps cleansing the palette as you eat the tart.


Seasonal Almond Tart and Vanilla Cream

Overall, it is a cozy little pizzeria with amazing food and an extremely warm staff that is willing to help you decide what to eat according to your preferences. If you decide to give this place a shot, I urge you to go for the dine in option and not the take away option, because the food is so fresh that it will not taste even half as good if you heat and eat it later.





Jamie’s Pizzeria is at:

Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar & Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

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