Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Before actual summer comes a time when we can actually enjoy summers. Unfortunately, that time lasts just a couple of weeks before it starts raining men. Yeah, you wish. It starts raining sweat.


Therefore, let’s enjoy this time while we can and knock ourselves out with summer outfits that June won’t be able to handle.



This is a wonderful time to wear body hugging, full sleeved tops that otherwise feel like scuba suits. We would actually feel pretty outside and, more importantly, inside for we wouldn’t be dying of sweat internally.


Blue is proving to be the dominant color in my wardrobe this season and what better shade than powder blue for the summers?


I know florals for spring/summer aren’t groundbreaking but they are a classic. I feel that this is a great look for a summer brunch outdoors, and ironically, I’ve shot this post indoors.



Pastels and the sunlight create magical freshness, almost as fresh as sipping a chilled pink lemonade. And lighter skirts also work better that tighter ones, which just create a volcanic eruption of sweat in between, I know you know what I mean.


Wearing accessories also becomes easier in this weather as opposed to intense summers, which makes them itchy. Hence, the snake choker.


So here I am, in my cream floral skirt, trying to make the most of these few weeks, these rare days when I don’t feel like ripping my clothes apart as soon as I enter safe territory!