Photographs by Vipul Sachdeva.

We are all very good at giving advice. We are not that bad at taking it either. Whatever our heart tells us, despite us being extremely sure of it, we usually go for a second opinion. Should the second opinion differ from our opinion, irrespective of whether we have asked for it or not, it plants a seed of doubt in our head. This leads to us not going with our heart a lot of times.



IMG_7961 final

Now, all of us usually have a lot of advice to give to others, advice that we are sure would be good for them, advice that would never be applicable on us. This is because it is easier said than done. It means two things: 1) We don’t really mean what we say (because we are trying to sabotage the other person, haha..) or 2) We know how to dish it but we don’t know how to take it.




What got me thinking was the fact that if we are so sure of our advice being good for others, is it not good enough for ourselves? This brought me to one of the oldest phrases in the book – practice what you preach. Thus, today I will be practicing what I preached in my first post of the blog (Shawl – The Ignored Beauty) and would be using a scarf (hello, summers) to create a cape/kimono.



IMG_7983 final

If you are into either or both of the trends but haven’t really found a cape/kimono to your liking, all you need is your favourite scarf as well as a belt that goes with it. After you have sorted out your scarf and your belt, drape it on your shoulders like and actual cape and just belt the front. Make sure that the back of the scarf is not contained in the belt for freedom of movement. Also, you will need to wear something inside…if you want, that is :P.



IMG_7892 final b

I took a crimson scarf and kept the base black to enhance the scarf to the fullest. I paired a crop top with a skater skirt so that the drape of the scarf and the drape of the skirt are similar towards the bottom, creating a flowy effect. I deliberately kept the lengths of the scarf as well as the skirt similar so that the whole outfit looks like one entity.




After taking my own advice, I pranced around in a very happy mood and genuinely enjoyed what I was wearing. Maybe we need to start taking our own advice seriously as no one knows us or our situation better than we do!