Photographs by Varsha MamgainSmriti Mamgain.

For a while now I have been wanting to dedicate my life to travelling. Finding a way to balance work and travel, or somehow making travel my work. If nothing, getting regular travel breaks. But it is easier said than done and I’m sure a lot of us face this.




The overwhelming exposure of places around the world has left me like a puppy staring at a photograph of a delicious treat. And in this age of information we all have a travel list. This list includes all the places we want to travel to, sectionalised in budgets, continents, activities and many other things. And then we save. We save and save and save and life simultaneously keeps happening. And we spend and spend and spend. And we crib and become dissatisfied. We keep scrolling through fabulous travel Instagram posts and don’t feel good enough anymore.



But what we don’t realise is that the place that we are dreaming of has people. And those people are probably dreaming of being where we are, exploring our city, getting to know our culture. This brings us to a question: have we done justice to our city?




Chances are that we haven’t really looked at our city the same way we have looked at our wish list. And that is alright, it is a ‘wish’ list after all but till our wishes come true, we have our city to explore! Even if one is not fond of their city, I bet there is something unexplored that you might like.




I personally don’t prefer a city life, I like mountains or beaches…any place where I can feel closer to nature but do you know what unites the whole world? What is that one common thing that cannot change? The sky – the sky is brilliant everywhere, we just don’t notice the magic that happens up there everyday. How the light changes and the whole world changes with it.



I visited the Lodi Gardens a few weeks ago and I happened to be there at the time when the light was fading away quickly, and oh the transformation! I have been living here for the past 24 years and I had never come to this place before, sad, isn’t it?



It is beautiful, where nature and history come together. So I have decided I’m going to travel my city as much as I would explore any other new city. I won’t discriminate because people who discriminate stand at the losing end of the spectrum.



For this particular exploration I went in for a super casual summer look. I paired an A-line loose top with a black and while floral printed skirt. I finished the look with flat beige sandals and a look of awe throughout!