Photographs by Vipul Sachdeva.

One’s mood is the representation of one’s state of mind and that state of mind is affected by a lot of external happenings, which in turn, carve our mood. It is a circle, but, it is a circle that can be breached. While the external does impact, it is the internal that allows the impact. Thus, the internal can tweak the external and choose to be happy or unhappy. This is the reason why happiness and unhappiness are relative terms. This is also the reason why the world’s wealth is not enough for some and for some even a swim in the dirty river is a one of a kind experience.

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Thus, happiness is a pursuit, a pursuit that we may choose not to pursue but should we want to pursue it, we will find it in whatever we want to find it in. It could be staring at a wall, going to the mall, lying in bed all day, making love, or even in doing things that we didn’t think we would.

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There are a lot of things that we want to try out but we don’t because we don’t think that we are made for that particular thing, and deny ourselves the happiness that we would have gotten had we done it. The fact is that anything can be tweaked into what we want.

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And that is how I found happiness in a subtle version of neon mint green. While I have always loved neon, yet, I have never really sported a solid, bright neon because I thought that it isn’t my thing. But then I realised that neon does not necessarily need to be a certain degree of bright. It can be subtle. And this particular degree of bright was enough to make me quirky!

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I genuinely feel that colors have a lot to do with how we subconsciously bend our mood. While we might find happiness in every color, there is a certain quirk that is added to our mood when we wear brights. And a subtle neon mint was bright enough for me to do so.

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Thus, I paired my neon mint top with a printed midi skirt, in a comparatively subtler colour, so that I don’t explode with happiness :P. I added a bit of bright pink to my lips because hot pink and mint really compliment each other and also because my skirt has tiny specs of pink all over it. Since a lot was already going on with the outfit, I decided to keep the shoes simple, black snakeskin straps.

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I realised that instead of shying away from it, if I just embrace it tweaking it my way, I will find happiness even in things that I didn’t think were really me. What I mean to say is that we don’t need to blindly follow trends because we can bend trends and make them an extension of our personalities, instead of the other way round. Also, I am trying to bring neon back….in my way!

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