It will not be incorrect to assume that one of the most common terms worldwide is ‘fashion’ and this term is taking over items beyond clothing and other things that can be adorned on our body. It includes anything and everything, even phone and laptop covers.


Whether one is fashionably conscious or not, everyone is dragged into different categories of the same term as whatever one possesses becomes an expression of their style. This also includes food, and how fancy or regular it is.

This brings us to another common term that people can easily identify with worldwide – “Coca-Cola”. This beverage brand is universally recognised and globally accepted. It is a drink that defies class, creed, gender, religion, culture, society, age and every other category created to group humans.


Now, as widespread as it is, fashion can be quite intimidating for the majority of people because there are different kinds of fashion, ranging from street to elite. A brand’s positioning and the intimidation it creates is directly proportional. The higher a brand’s position is, the more intimidating it becomes. What reduces is the appeal to the masses and even the recognition in extreme cases.

Yes, high-end brands do hold a huge amount of mind share, but, it is more aspirational than real. It is more of a wishful thinking for the masses. Some brands like that, they want to be exclusive and un-relatable, they want to be intimidating and a class apart.

However, there are some high street as well as luxury brands that are realising that priorities of the masses are changing. That what once was an unnecessary expense is increasingly becoming vital to fit into a shiny life advertised all around us.

So what could be a better way to appeal to the masses and become less intimidating than by associating with a brand such as Coca-Cola, or any other fizzy beverage brand for that matter? It is the perfect way to bridge the gap between something that is considered only for the elite and something that is found in every household.


It is a powerful way to make people comfortable with high-end brands, even when they cannot afford them. It is an effective way to make the masses friends instead of looking down upon them so that when they gather the funds to treat themselves to a luxury item, they rush to the brand that treats them as an equal.


These kinds of collaborations exchange passes of two different worlds – while they make high street fashion brands more relatable, they make the act of drinking cola fashionable and these fizzy brands can definitely profit from that.



And where health is concerned, the terms ‘anorexic’ and ‘size zero’ have been born and bred in the fashion world, so such collaborations can definitely promote each other without working up their conscience. After all, we all know how healthy fizzy colas really are.


But, all said and done, it is a good way to reach a wider audience and reduce the class gap and is definitely a positive step for the world of fashion because it is as infamous as it is famous, just like a glass of chilled Coca-Cola!


And now let us all enjoy watching Marc Jacobs being hot.