Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

There are a very few of us who do not let winters mess with our activeness. The rest of us suffer from the ‘winter laze’ syndrome. It is inevitable and to an extent even allowed. When the color scheme of the weather is dull due to fog and lack of sunlight, and the color scheme of our wardrobe is mostly on the lines of blacks, greys and other similar colors, it is only natural for the color scheme of our hearts to become ash grey and of our minds an unexciting brown.


All of the above are actively involved in making us lazy. But this laziness might also be making us miss out on something magical – the magic of this dull weather because dull is a perspective, it is a state of mind, especially when talking about seasons.



If one can get over the laziness, wake up on a Sunday morning before the whole world comes alive, get ready and head out, the same dulness will not be dull anymore…it will be mystical. One way to make winters better is by always being adequately dressed for the weather, if you aren’t covered well enough, the chill will never be enjoyable. Another one is introducing a bit of color in our outfit from time to time, to lift up the mood and create a good contrast to the fog.



When the first ray of sunshine falls on you, making its way through the fog – it will be bliss and if you have someone to share this experience with – it will be something out of a fairytale. And slowly when the world begins to come alive around you, you will realise that you have the whole day ahead of you! Do this at least once before the winter is over, I’m sure you will not regret it.




I lifted up my mood by an all black outfit paired with an intense pink felt coat. And winters call for boots, so I wore a pair of combat boots – the only ones I’m using currently. I’m heavily into turtlenecks and this is the best time to wear them. Since there was color blocking going on, I decided to add a paisley printed scarf to make the outfit more wholesome.





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