Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

‘Drama Queen’ is a very gender neutral term to me, just like ‘Guys”. Anyone can be a drama queen. However, this term has a very negative connotation. I wonder why…


Movies have drama. We love watching movies. Sometimes we even wish that our life was like a movie. Then why do we complain of having too much drama when our life becomes dramatic, when it becomes like a plot of some thrilling movie?


But people usually stay away from people who they think are drama queens. While too much of anything is bad, a little bit of it never hurts. I say we should enjoy that drama as it adds spice to our sometimes mundane lives. If nothing else, it might become a great/funny story to tell some time down the line.


Not only will the drama give you an amazing story, it will also make you a happier and a more appreciative person afterwards. So let’s soak in all that drama and take it sportingly. After all, the light is always at the end of the tunnel, right?


So when we are talking about drama, how can we not relate it to fashion! Fashion has a lot of drama, sometimes too much drama (Lady Gaga). But it is always entertaining and fun, not just to watch, but also to wear.

And just like our lives, we can all become drama queens when it comes to our outfits as well. That is what I did.


I took one of my skater dresses, this one is from the time when ‘skater’ was a brand new trend, that looks a bit blah because it is a faded carrot orange. Please note that it’s color hasn’t faded away, this color is faded orange. No, I’m not trying to cover up anything in the name of fashion :P.


As you are well aware, this trend had been overdone now and the color of this dress is not solid enough to hero the outfit.


If you guys have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I believe that scarves have superpowers and encourage creativity. Therefore, I decided to team this dress with a scarf. I took a printed scarf and threw it over my neck. Since the scarf is also a demure combination of purple and beige, I thought that it would be a good idea to add another pop of color to the outfit.


Thus, I decided to sport a turquoise belt around my waist, wearing it over the scarf to make the scarf a part of the dress. I then took the ends of the scarf and wound it over the belt again, to add drapes on either side.


I finished the look with some turquoise heels and turquoise earrings to define the pop of color. I also added a deep purple ring to compliment the scarf.


This completely transformed my outfit from a regular ‘just another’ dress to a spicy mix of drapes, print and colors. Therefore, drama does not have to be a bad thing, it can be good when it is moderate.


If you try this look, you must put up a picture on Instagram and you can tag me. I would love to see how fabulous you look!