Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

Christmas, and any festival for that matter, is all about being with your loved ones. It is not so much what you do , but whom you are with that makes anything memorable. Hence, I invited my very pricy pug – who is so busy in life that he only works on appointment – to grace the shoot with his presence and he was kind enough to wear his red jacket, to make my Christmas shoot merrier. Thank you Coco Doughnut, I love you!




Christmas means a lot of celebrations and celebrations call for getting dressed up. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel like, I don’t know why, but they feel like competing with the disco ball and I think that is what I was going through. Maybe I didn’t want my pug to steal my thunder, whatever it was – I decided to sport the most glittery plaid skirt in town!



DSC08852_mini_mini DSC08838_mini_mini


I chose a red skirt, you know why, and since it was loaded with sequins, I kept the rest of the look quite basic. I wore a nice warm (my father’s) cable knit black jumper with woollen stocking and boots. Thats all. My father does not like the fact that I’m slowly taking over his wardrobe, but it’s Christmas so I’m going to take advantage of that.




Merry Christmas everyone! Have a lot of fun and a lot of plum cake, drink lots of wine and please tell me why guava cheese is called cheese even though it doesn’t have any dairy in it. My dog left me halfway through the shoot so don’t make promises you cannot keep. Tell someone they are beautiful, it will make their day, which will make yours! I love you!

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