Photographs by Priyank Kaushik.

The cheapest, most durable cloth that solved many practical purposes in the 18th Century has now become an elite fabric ending on the crème-del-a-crème of fashion runways including Diesel, DKNY, Ermanno Scervino, Jill Stuart, Marios Scwab and many others.


If DENIM were a person, it would make for a very inspiring “rags- to- riches” tale. It has come a long way from being looked down upon to being a warmly embraced fashion item. More than that, it has survived the test of time. Trends have come and gone, but denim has proven to be adaptable to every current trend and has shaped itself accordingly. Not just that, the spectrum of items available in denim is hard to compete with. One can use denim as a basic pair of jeans (yes, jeans is denim but not vice versa, that is, they aren’t synonyms as opposed to popular belief; denim is much more), hot pants, skirts, dresses, bags, caps, jackets, shoes, wallets and even sofa covers.


As fabulous as it is, denim has another benefit- age no bar. It does not cater to a very specific or a niche audience, denim is popular among toddlers as well as the wiser citizens, going by the social norms, of the world. Yes, the trends of denim might be closely followed by the fashion industry, but due to this very quality that it possesses, it has gone around making many generations fashionable, some by default.

Denim is that one common link that has somewhat bridged the gap between classes. It is something that relates different sections of the society. It is that one thing that exists in the form of jeans in all wardrobes alike- affluent, modest, old, young, male, female; and in more or less the same color.


The best part: it need not be brand new or prim and proper at all. Denim never gets old. Each phase of denim, from its birth to its prime years to its old age, is a style in itself. Denim never retires, it never dies. From a fresh pair when it is brand new to a tattered look when it has been worn over the years and each other distressed look it attains with every wear is a trend that the fashion industry takes out separately in different collections. It is the only fabric that looks as good, if not better, when it is about to, if at all, hit its grave.


It is that one thing that does not need to deal with the mood swings of its wearer thanks to its different forms and also because it is the “safe zone/ go to” option because of jeans. When one does not know what to wear, more often than not, they just end up wearing their basic blue denims. Long story short, denim is an investment that gives long term benefits and possesses the power of sucking even those into the world of fashion who are unaffected by it.


I paired denim with denim and I chose to pair a denim shirt with a denim jacket because the first thing that flashes in our mind when we hear the term ‘denim on denim’ is both the upper and the lower being denim. However, a denim jacket paired with a denim shirt also technically qualifies as ‘denim on denim’. I deliberately did that because thanks to the complicated lives that we have started living, we sometimes forget the obvious. In a bid to desperately think outside the box, the herd has gone outside and the inside has been left empty. Maybe its time to start thinking inside again, in order to stand out.


Also, the chill is almost up and only a few days are left to enjoy jackets. Thus, a denim jacket is the perfect fabric for right now as it is not season specific per say. It can be worn in different seasons, to an extent. So even though it has gotten a bit stuffy in the afternoons, a denim jacket will not make you sweat and make a statement at the same time if paired with a light denim shirt, preferably in different shades.

I kept the pants very basic, beige and the cut is pyjama to add to the casual vibe that denim usually represents. I completed the outfit with some colourful heels to add a bit of fun to the otherwise basic combination.