Photographs by Rohit Pachauri.

The presence of the internet has never been felt as much as it is being felt since the recent past. With the world becoming a universal playground, the word ‘foreign’ does not hold as sharp a meaning as it used to. I wouldn’t say that the borders are blurring but we can be somewhere else even when we cannot.


This blissful age of the internet has given rise to a universal culture in the process of making the world a global village. Or should I say, it has popularised the western culture so much that that has become the universal culture. From TV shows to trends, whatever is known and is popular globally is usually born in the west. It isn’t wrong and it isn’t right. It is what it is.


Black has been the color of the season every season since as long as I can remember. Black is never old, black is never new. Black is never young, nor is it aged. Black is never too bright or too dull. Wherever you place black, it is always just right. Black is the sexy universal mystery and is always accepted with open arms. This is because it is dangerous and yet so safe.


And that is why the little black dress, more fondly known as the LBD, is the colossal sign of universal culture. But since all trends are the same worldwide, it is the way we use those trends that would set us apart. So why not personalise it a little? Why are we religiously following rules when it comes to the LBD when, in fact, there are no rules.


Therefore, first things first, the tweak of the “L” from the LBD. As much as I enjoy little clothes, I also love the ‘not-so-little’, flowy garments. And since a slit is the perfect balance of the secret and the revelation, this dress is ‘modestly bold’. So this dress has not completely ignored the “L” and yet is is not so little, making it a comparatively fresher take on the LBD. Also, symmetry is overrated at times so it was time for shielding just one arm.

But this is the tweak, not the personalisation. The personalisation of the LBD lies in the beauty and the wide availability of the age old bandhani tradition. Wearing the two together is not just a new take on two traditions but is also the amalgamation of two beautiful cultures. It is an attempt to mix the traditional and the modern in a way that leads to bandhani getting more of a global approach and acceptance, definitely much more than it already does. It could be compared to how we have started wearing the kimono jackets, a modern take on the traditional Japanese attire.


And anyway, if not for this, we could just try this mix for experiment sake. It will turn out well because basics rarely go wrong. Happy experimenting!