With the world increasingly accepting the comfort of their couch to shop, online shopping is taking over the retail world by a storm. It started not too long ago but the pace at which it is spreading like wildfire is both awe-inspiring and whiplashing.

Today, one can get anything and everything by investing in internet and a medium to use that internet, instead of investing in fuel and transportation. And payment is made just in monetary terms and not in sweat and foot aches because of excessive shopping sprees.

When the age of the internet has provided so many conveniences, why not add another convenience to the list. And this convenience could very well be called the best convenience of all – shopping at a rate below the M.R.P.

The term M.R.P, as you are aware, stands for the ‘Maximum Retail Price’ of an item. Now, that is the maximum price at which an authorised dealer can sell it to you, but, this does not necessarily mean that it is the only price in which you can get that item. You can get it for far less, up till the minimum retail price. Then why shouldn’t we try and get the best deal possible?

I came across a site called CouponzGuru to help me in my quest to hunt for great deals, since I spend a good chunk of my time on the internet. It makes sure that you spend as less amount on an item as possible. All you need to do is log on to their website, select a deal from the wide variety of deals provided by them and select any coupon that catches your fancy.

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You may choose from a range of coupons like Jabong Coupons, Yepme Discount Coupons, Amazon Coupons and StalkBuyLove Coupons, among many more.


There are a lot of people, including me, who get intimidated by new websites when it comes to using them. Well, this particular website provides a very clean and friendly user interface. Not just this, it is very easy to locate the deals that one wants because they are clearly segregated at the top menu bar. This includes Shopping, Travel, Bank, Food, etc.

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These categories are further divided into specific categories. For example, you will find categories like fashion, electronics, home & kitchen which are again sub-divided into narrow brackets. Basically, the top menu bar is enough to lead you to wherever you need to go.

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Also, if you don’t have something specific in mind, there is a ‘Top Deals’ option as well, for you to see if there is something that you may like. To get an idea of what CouponzGuru has to offer, you can scroll through the home page and spot some great offers.

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CouponzGuru houses deals on hundreds of stores, all alphabetically divided for our convenience so that we can shop and save at the same time. After all, money saved is money earned!