Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

Human needs are ever evolving and, as part of evolution, lots of wants convert into needs. Gone are the days when people had just two sets of clothes, one for wear and one for wash. Gone are the days when people had only one better set of clothes for special occasions.


All this has changed as part of urbanisation. Now clothes are not just about covering the body, they are about self expression. And self expression is one’s style, and that style involves accessories. Therefore, when one can have a lot of shoes, a lot of bags and a lot of jewellery, why can’t we have a lot of glasses?


The right pair of sunglasses can add instant glamour to an outfit, a good pair can even shield you on days when you aren’t feeling it or are suffering from dark circles or sore eyes. But this right pair might not necessarily be right for every outfit.


Most of us (the modest young generation) have one good pair or maybe two good pairs because we look at sunglasses and specks as investment pieces, since all the good ones tend to be a bit on the upper side.


Cue Turn Table by Vincent Chase, Lenskart – the idea behind it is simple: aiding the growing popularity of eyewear as a fashion item through a combination of the charisma of the 60s, the playfulness of the 80s and the boldness of the 90s.


Now we don’t need to settle for one or two pairs of eyewear, we can buy different types to suit our different outfits and moods. The collection is vast, with something that would suit everyone’s preference.


That is what I felt when I attended a blogger’s meet hosted by Lenskart at The TabulaBeach Cafe to introduce us to Turn Table, for which I combined marsala with black.




I wore a pinstriped black trench over a knit bodycon marsala midi dress, and added black stockings with grey ‘mary-jane’ platforms. I completed the look with a layered neckpiece and marsala lips.




The event was a cosy one at a wonderful place, with good food, great conversations and an amazing new collection of eyewear. So let’s stock up on all the different sunglasses and specks we would be wearing with our various jumpers this winter!