Photographs by Vipul Sachdeva.

We live in a world full of stereotypes. As much as we would hate to admit it, we have been on the other side equally, if not more, as we have been on the receiving end of it. Human nature is hypocritical that way. Maybe no one knows and maybe you will never admit it, but, you know yourself. We know ourselves, and, we know how many times we have, casually as well as consciously, typecast others.

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This is particularly true when it comes to fashion, but, I don’t want to get into that, not yet. There are other aspects to fashion than just the human aspect. One of the most important ones being fabric. There is a lot of false notion about them and so they commonly receive stereotypical views. There are certain fabrics associated with a certain kind of clothing, for example, silks and chiffons for evening wear as they are flowy. However, there is much more to each fabric than what meets the eye.

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Therefore, today I shall combine my love for denim and my love for drapes and try and break fabric stereotypes!

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Denim is usually associated with rugged, structured garments. When we think denim, we think of a thick material that we might boil in when it is hot. While jeans are a staple item, a lot of people (including me) have started reacting violently towards the idea of wearing it in intense heat. There are a number of items available, but they are mostly structured, like jeans, jackets, dungarees. Yes, there are dresses available as well, but, even they are more towards the structured side. This is because we haven’t yet looked beyond what we see (Lion King all the way!).

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A thinner, less rugged version of denim can be draped as femininely as other, stereotypical drape materials. And since wrap dresses are a comfortable summer choice, I chose a light denim wrap dress that adds as much femininity to my outfit as any other fabric in the same cut would.

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What I like about this dress is the tulip hemline it forms, which again takes denim out of its stereotypical rugged notion and brings it to a more feminine side. I paired the outfit with a chunky silver crystal pendant and added some silver heels so that this outfit becomes as good for the evenings as it is for the day (minus the sunglasses, of course, unless you are into that creepy thing).

IMG_8205 a

This dress definitely gives denim a new dimension because while denim is usually categorised as casual wear, the drape of this dress redefines it and proves that denim is as casual or as formal as you make it. A lot of this also has to do with adding the right accessories.

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All we need to do is explore more. Chances are, there might be something incredible that we are missing out on by stereotyping. And I’m not just taking about fabrics…

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