Photographs by Manoj Juyal.

Styling: Smriti Mamgain.

Concept: Smriti Mamgain & Manoj Juyal.

In life we experience emotions and various states of mind. Sometimes we have happy days and other times we have not-so-happy days. While the former is a pleasure to experience, in the latter one, nothing seems right. But in all kinds of days there is one thing that is more or less constant – perfume.



Whenever we want to head out, be it a good day or a bad day, no matter what work we are headed for, we always leave after spraying some scent. There are times when we might even skip putting on makeup but we usually never head out without quickly spraying some perfume on our wrists and necks. In other words, perfume plays a big role in our lives.



However, there is a slight problem – we usually don’t carry our pretty bottles because a) it is cumbersome and b) the bottles are usually of glass (even the smaller ones), thus, there is a constant risk of them breaking.



Now here is the good part – if you enjoy Arabic perfumes, attars and floriental fragrances, you are in luck because Neesh Perfumes is at your service. Their concept is simple – “Smell-Well”. This means smelling well at all times because they only produce 20ml pikpacks (bottles made of plastic), making is easy to carry.



Not only are the perfumes easy to carry, they even last longer (up to 12 hours) because all of their scents are attar (fragrant oil) based. The packaging is so sleek that on days when you are just carrying your phone and your wallet, it will snugly fit into your pocket (it is smaller than most smartphones).



Currently they have a range of twelve different fragrances to choose from, my favorites being Amour-De-Oud and Oud-De-Venice. Both of these are mild perfumes with a musky undertone.



But if you prefer very strong or extremely light perfumes, there is something for everyone. I am usually inclined towards mild, citrus or floral smells.




Neesh perfumes not only preach the concept of smelling well, they practice it too by making it easier for us to carry our fragrance with us. Now all of us can smell well all day, every day…no matter where we are!


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