Photographs by Eiliyah Anees.

Hair and make-up by Eiliyah Anees.

Like all relationships, my relationship with Kashmir had its share of ups and downs. Last week I told you about how it was love at first sight, (if you missed it, it is right here) but today I will tell you what happened after we had established that we were in love.

Perfection is an impossible idea, or maybe a subjective idea, it is infinite, it is a driving force but not a destination that can be reached. It maintains a certain distance from us at all times. Therefore, there are ups and there are downs. And there were ecstatic ups but depressing downs in my relationship with Kashmir. In other words, our relationship had its own share of tantrums…

It is my last day, I am an addicted lover but am about to leave, so instead of letting me make love to it, it decided to throw a fit of rage in the form of a thunderstorm. And boy, did it howl! It started weeping the night before and kept howling throughout the night, did not stop shedding tears even the next day.

It was depressed and it made me the same. The worst part about falling in love with something mighty – you feel helpless and all you can do is cry with it. I couldn’t reason with nature. I knew it was best to let it be, that it will take its time and then calm down.


So my friend and I decided to make the most of the time and started getting ready, because I knew that Kashmir would want to go out with me for one last date before it is time to leave. She did my make-up (she knows magic) and then I changed and got ready for a night out at The Grand Palace (The Lalit).


I decided to sport monochrome, a white top and black pants and took a beige waterfall shrug with it, since it was a chilly night. I paired the same dainty heart pendant that I had worn throughout this trip.


I decided to stick to a few basic pieces because they never go out of style. Trends come and go, prints come and go, cuts come and go, but, basic clothing is evergreen, just like the evergreen beauty of Kashmir. Whites and blacks in simple cuts are staples that will never die.


I also did this because the real hero of my outfit was my make-up, that was the one thing that I decided should stand out for the night.



And once I was ready for my love, my love was also ready for me. The minute I put my shoes on, it stopped raining, it was evening and the perfect time to bid a grand farewell to this grand place.


I visited the lush Grand Palace, with amazing outdoor and indoor property and an even more amazing Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


My tummy was happy but I was sad, not sad, it was a bittersweet feeling. I was glad I was in love but sad that I had to leave my love behind. But, distance means nothing when it is true love.



The night was over, my bags were packed and I was ready to go, but not before taking a bit of Kashmir in the form of a wonderful metal turquoise sling back home with me.


I have left the place, only to come back.

Kashmir, I will see you soon and continue my romance with you. I will be back to give you warmth when you are feeling cold…Inshallah!