Smriti Mamgain, 24

Currently residing in India, I have always had a keen eye for all things fabulous and I believe that I speak fluent Fashion. High street and luxury labels mean to me what Karl Lagerfeld’s delicious army of male models means to him.

I have had the opportunity to briefly be a part of the fashion world during my internship at Vogue. However, I realized that I was at the wrong end of the business because I was in their Corporate Communications team whereas my heart belongs to the styling and editorial bit.

Thus, I decided I should become a writer, ideally a fashion writer.  Currently I write about fashion, technology and finance and my interest lies in fashion, everything ranging from high-end to street. This interest is not just because fashion gets a high amount of mind-share globally, but also because I see myself as a potential consumer of most of these products and services.

You can follow my looks on my Instagram account.