Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

The reason for our frequent state of confusion is the ‘thin line’. There is always a thin line between this and that, so which way to take? And since the line tends to be quite thin, how can we know for sure that we are choosing the better option?


This thin line is the culprit for a lot of bad decisions we end up taking, like skipping the red light because of a micro second and then getting fined. Ah, if only we could have waited for another round!


One incorrect answer and we are not topping our class anymore…damn, if only I had ticked option ‘B’, my gut was telling me to but damn the thin line! This thin line has really shown us some frustrating days.


The thin line can also be fatal, so don’t ever cross roads based on a thin line decision…it’s better to be late than not to show up at all.


This thin line has also gotten us underdressed and overdressed for a lot of social gatherings. Sometimes we just cannot judge how much is too much, so we end up underestimating or overestimating the event.


If you do end up in such a situation, the best thing to do is to just be sassy and carry whatever you are wearing like you own it, but, prevention is better than cure.


Therefore, whenever you get confused about how formal or casual the event that you are going to attend is going to be, this is definitely going to help you.


So, today’s thin line is the horizontal line created by my exposed waist, since I paired formal pants and a jacket with a crop top/bralette.


First things first, whenever I’m not sure about an evening out, I always wear black, since one is neither undressed nor overdressed with this color. Therefore, today’s outfit is all black.


Now, because there is a ‘thin line’ between formals and semi-formals at times, a crop top with a pattern that screams formals, i.e, pinstripes, provides a good balance.


The balance also comes from the fact that the bralette is a denim one as denim is a sign of being casual.


Even though the whole outfit looks quite formal, the top adds a bit of fun and casualness to the outfit. It is completed by black heels and some silver chandelier earrings for polish.


The best part – once you arrive at the event and feel that it is too formal for the croptop, just button your jacket and you will be good to go!


Therefore, this proves to be a thin line on which you can balance, best of luck for the rest!