Photographs by Peter Brendan Godfrey.

When a luxury label and an exotic crystal company decide to collaborate, it is bound to cast a spell. And the spell was cast, at least on me, when I witnessed the tie up between Preciosa, a Luxury Crystal Components Company and the label, Rimple and Harpreet Narula.


The invitation to their presentation was like Pied Piper, all I could do was follow it (I just called myself a rat), but not before carefully building my outfit. Since the event was going to be a presentation of embellishments on garments, I decided to sport some embellishments of my own.


To keep in line with the theme of the event, I decided to wear some traditional gold necklaces, thus, I paired them up with a white lace corset, a summer aztec jacket and black pants. I completed the look with turquoise and gold heels, to add a pop of color to my outfit.


The event was held at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mehrauli, where the ambiance was very welcoming and classy, seemingly very carefully chosen for what was about to unfold. The food and the drinks definitely added to the warmth of the welcome :P.




As soon as I reached, I was cheerfully greeted by Harpreet Narula, who chatted with me for a while about the power of blogging and the impact that it can make. He then told me about his label’s collaboration with Preciosa and how they have been using the crystals in their garments for a while now, as they are truly amazing.



Harpreet Narula, Rimple and Harpreet Narula Label




And as if the spell of the intricately detailed garments displayed on the mannequins wasn’t enough, suddenly, models started strutting down the place with breathtaking garments which were inspired by the 1940s silhouettes. The garments, patterns of which were taken from antique Parisian shawls and prints, screamed of modern royalty.





Models in Rimple and Harpreet Narula Label with Preciosa Crystal Embellishments



After spending some time observing the delicate details of the crystal embellishments, I met the man of the moment, Michal Sekowski, Marketing Director, South Asia & Latin America, Preciosa. Talking to him was quite enlightening because I learned that this Czech Republic company’s involvement with crystals is not limited to embellishments for jewellery and garments. They even make state-of-the-art chandeliers as well as crystal bottles and decanters for spirits.



Michal Sekowski, Marketing Director, South Asia & Latin America, Precioso


It was a lovely event, filled with delicate beauty and good conversations and before I knew it, it was time to leave. It truly was a ‘Story Within a Story’, so this post technically is ‘A Story Within a Story Within a Story’..bad joke?