Photographs by Kriti Mamgain.

November comes with a magic that can be felt. It brings with it something that is far greater than the festive smell in the air, or the breathtaking decor everywhere or even the fairy lights that adorn every nook and corner.


November brings general happiness, people are less aggressive, less agitated, more accommodating of other people and situations. No one loses patience easily, everyone is willing to let ‘it’ slide.


Happiness and ‘general’ happiness are very different from one another. Most people are generally not happy anymore because we all need to deal with pressure that comes in various forms. But, November defies all that.


It could be credited to the transitional weather or the beginning of a number of festivals, but there is nothing like November. I’m sure all of us will be witnessing a lot of weddings henceforth as well.


So keeping that spirit in mind, today’s look is a sparkly one. While it is only natural to concentrate on the big events, all of us need to get dressed up for a lot of smaller events as well, be it different days of festivals or weddings.



Thus, I curated this look because dressing very elaborately all the time can get exhausting! This look is convenient but equally dressy.


I took a sequinned beige dress and paired it up with a cream and gold traditional dupatta, wearing it as a cape. The dupatta gives this outfit a traditional touch, along with the oxidised silver jhumkas.



This look is an amalgamation of modern and traditional, completed with a pair of silver metallic, reflective heels, to keep up with the theme of subtle sparkle.


To make sure that the dupatta does not keep falling off when you wear it as a cape, just pin it to the dress at the shoulders and it will stay in place, making you feel fabulous!



Happy Diwali everyone and keep glittering!!